Vine to Ellen. Instagram to Ellen. You choose.

GOAL: 100 Videos

Friday is officially the halfway point in our #90DaysToEllen campaign. As you know,  we are serious about having lunch with Ellen DeGeneres. You also know,  we’ve added a charitable component to our social lunch quest.

While we have hit 300, 00+ impressions a day with your help, we need to raise the stakes (not to be confused with “steak” since Ellen is Vegan).

So we are asking our community of friends (YOU) – to help us with 6-15 seconds of your time (Vine or Instagram) by making a video with this one simple question in mind and posting with the hashtag #90DaysToEllen:

“Why should Ellen have lunch with Bryan and DJ?”

Here are a few examples below (click upper left corner for sound):

Instructions (Vine or Instagram):

1. Download the Vine or Instagram app now. Or pull it up if you already have it!

2. Video yourself answering this question, “Why should Ellen have lunch with Bryan and DJ?”

3. Make sure you use the hashtag: #90DaysToEllen

4. Post the video to Vine, or Instagram, or Twitter (or all 3!)

5. OPTIONAL: Cross post your videos to Facebook, LinkedIn, and any other social network you’d like. Just be sure to post to Twitter and/or Instagram so we can be sure to see it!

I posted a video about why @TheEllenShow Ellen Degeneres should have lunch w/@BryanKramer & @DJWaldow #90DaysToEllen (click to tweet this)

Please help @DJWaldow & @BryanKramer have lunch w/@TheEllenShow EllenDeGeneres by making a short video #90DaysToEllen (click to tweet this)

We also built a special page for you to visit anytime to see a compilation of all our “Videos to Ellen.”

P.S. Don’t use Vine? Instagram? Not sure about how to upload and share your video on social media? That’s okay. Feel free to email your videos directly to DJ – djwaldow AT gmail DOT com

Looking forward to lunch,
Bryan and DJ

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