90 Days To Ellen launched 1, 824 hours (aka, 76 days) ago.

We’ve been THRILLED by the traction we’ve gained. The potential reach has been unbelievable (over 40 MILLION impressions so far!). There are nearly 40 Ellen videos.

However, we have not heard a peep from Ellen DeGeneres nor from anyone on her team.

We are fairly certain that she is listening. I mean, she has to know about #90DaysToEllen, right?

But we are not giving up. That’s just not in our DNA. BUT, with 14 days left in the campaign, we decided that we’re going to have lunch with Ellen no matter what – even if it’s with an “Ellen”.


Yes, you read that correctly: This coming Friday, August 16th, we’ll be holding open auditions for anyone who would like to play the part of Ellen – since we haven’t heard from her – to have lunch with us.

Open Auditions for an Ellen Stand-In: Details

What: Open Auditions for an Ellen Stand-In!
When: Friday, August 16th, 2013 from 2-6PM
Where: 30 East Santa Clara St., Suite 240 – San Jose, CA 95113
What to Bring: Yourself. Your reason(s) for why you’d be a great “Ellen” and a stand-in for our lunch with her (well, you). Impressions are a bonus.
How Long: Each audition is 2 minutes or less.

Oh, and we will be filming your audition and posting it here on this blog so you have to be OK with that.

NOTE: If you are not able to make the LIVE audition on Friday, no problem! You can submit your audition video in this Google Form (please be sure to upload to YouTube first)

BONUS: The first 5 to show up at the live audition and the first 5 to submit their audition videos online (the Google Form) will get a $10 gift card … donated from our friends at Applebee’s!

Who is ready to BE ELLEN? Come show us what ya got.

Looking forward to lunch,
Bryan and DJ

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