With just 11 days to go in the campaign, we are seriously amazed and grateful for all the creative, incredible people rallying around our efforts to land lunch with Ellen! So much has happened in the last week, we had to share:

This just in: The International Culinary Center gave us our FIRST Feeding America donation to host lunch!

ICC_Seal_Founded_LowResThe power of social media reached none other than the leading authority on food in the world – The International Culinary Center (@IntlCulCenter)! Based in New York with locations in the Bay Area, Italy and Spain, the “ICC” (formerly French Culinary Institute) donated $1, 000 to Feeding America in the initial effort to host lunch with Ellen, Bryan and DJ (assuming she says yes!). WOW! We hope the chefs they’ve successfully trained are listening – Bobby Flay, David Chang and Wylie DuFrense, not to mention their deans, the infamous Jose Andres and Jacques Pepin – to see if any of them want to outbid their teachers for a chance to host. Not only is the International Culinary Center the world’s premiere culinary school, they are also philanthropic :D . As we said… “everybody’s gotta eat”, and thanks to them, more people will, via the great work of Feeding America.


#LunchDecoy Ellen look-a-like from Applebee’s

Porter Gale’s Ad Age article

Not only did Porter Gale (@portergale), author of “Your Network is your Net Worth” and host of Creative Live TV have Bryan on her show to discuss the campaign, she wrote an Advertising Age article about it! So. much. gratitude.

Applebees stepped up – with #LunchDecoy dolls and gift cards

A special thank you to Applebees, who we’ve been tweeting now for a few months to be a part of the campaign. It turns out their franchisee structure prevents them from donating a lump sum to Feeding America, but they reached out to us to play the part they could – sending us a set of 6 limited edition “Lunch Decoys” and $100 in gift cards (which will go to the first 5 online auditions and 5 in person auditions for our “Plan B: Play the Part of Ellen” happening Friday, August 16) to help in our social efforts. 

TattyTat’s Custom “90 Days to Ellen” Tattoos


Custom #90DaystoEllen tattoo from Tatty Tat

Our new friends at Tatty Tat (met through social!) designed and produced these gorgeous custom tattoos to help get the word out and raise money for  Feeding America. They are currently trying to raise funds on moolahoop so go check them out, they’re donating a portion of the proceeds of certain sales to Feeding America – a win win!

And an extended thank you to all of you out there tweeting/facebooking/vining/instagraming awesome videos and posts in support of the campaign. This journey has been so much fun on our way to what is now closing in on 10 days to get Ellen’s attention and a “YES” to have lunch with Bryan and DJ! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Stay tuned for some more fun stuff.

Looking forward to lunch,

Bryan and DJ 

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