Sure, it took a full 69 days since we launched this campaign, but it’s finally happened: Our first ORIGINAL #90DaysToEllen song! Kick back. Relax. And enjoy Mat Stafford (no relation) as he tells – in song – why we should have lunch with Ellen. Stick around until the end for a fun “P.S.” from Mat. *Gotta love the product placement of that … book. Can’t see the video? Check it [...]

We admit it, we were premature. You could say that we were so excited for Ellen to read our favorite halves that we released our post on her 5/12 birthday – not her 6/12, or 1/2 – birthday, which is actually today, July 26. (Hey, we’re socially creative, and also mathematically challenged.) You can read our original post from a month ago here, or watch this awesome video we made [...]

Dear Ellen: We are quickly approaching the homestretch – the final 30 days in our 90-day quest to have lunch with you. Also, as you know, tomorrow is your half birthday. While we preemptively celebrated last month, your real half birthday got us thinking … What do you get (as a half birthday gift) for someone who has it all? How about … a ride to lunch in the car of [...]

Since the invention of the camera, people have been hiding them to see what they can capture. The term “hidden camera” also has many meanings. Has the camera itself been lost or is it  hiding somewhere? Is it a secret or lost gem only to be found deep linked on Craig’s List or at the bottom of Charlie Sheen’s closet? Never before in the history of man has it been [...]

Vine to Ellen. Instagram to Ellen. You choose. GOAL: 100 Videos Friday is officially the halfway point in our #90DaysToEllen campaign. As you know,  we are serious about having lunch with Ellen DeGeneres. You also know,  we’ve added a charitable component to our social lunch quest. While we have hit 300, 00+ impressions a day with your help, we need to raise the stakes (not to be confused with “steak” since [...]

Many of you may not know that Ellen DeGeneres is a Vegan, which means that she pretty much won’t eat anything that has a face on it, or wear clothing made from any living thing’s skin. Yes, when put that way, it sounds kinda gross that most of us carnivores consume our food this way, but according to her “Healthy Living” section on her website, being a vegan is easier [...]

Happy Half Birthday! Born on January 26, today marks the halfway point to her next milestone, so we thought we’d share with you some of our other favorite “halves”: 1. Half and half: We love coffee, especially with this delicious dairy blend. Half cream, half milk, it makes us smile with its creamilky taste. 2. Half Nelson: It is a wrestling move. It is also a movie – a wise, unsentimental portrait of [...]

We are nearly a third of the way into our “social experiment” … our quest to use social media to land a lunch date with the one and only Ellen DeGeneres. We are pretty sure Ellen and/or some folks from her team are listening, but we haven’t had a full “bite” quite yet. Bryan and I decided it was time to speak directly to Ellen … to tell her that [...]

We’re getting some nibbles on our social experiment. If you’ve been following along, you know that the “social camp” (DJ, Bryan, Courtney and Jackie) have been Tweeting and Facebooking at every opportunity in our ongoing quest to get Ellen to sit down for lunch (Kristina? Not so much. We’ll have to call her land line to see if she’s mailed her hand written letter to Ellen). Now 23 days in, and [...]

When we first launched #90DaysToEllen 3 weeks ago, we were not sure how well it would be received. As we showed in this Vine video, Kristina (DJ's wife) is a naysayer. 20 days in, her stance has not changed. She STILL does not think we can pull this off. Alas, we are out to prove her - and the other "naysayers" wrong. We are plugging along, full steam ahead. We [...]