On May 29th, we launched the #90DaysToEllen campaign.

128, 160+ minutes and … well … we have not (yet) heard from Ellen or anyone on her team.

We have less than 24 hours to prove that two guys can use social media to land lunch with Ellen DeGeneres to help fight hunger in America.

We’ve asked for your help over the past 3 months. However, if there was ever a day we needed it, today would be that day.

If we can trend on Twitter today, maybe – Ellen will notice.

Please tweet (pick a tweet below) and tweet BETWEEN 1pm and 2pm today (PST).

Of course, if you can’t make this timeframe, tweets any time today will still go a long way!

So, can you help?

We know you are busy. So we’ve made it SUPER EASY for you. Scan the following six pre-written tweets. Pick one you like and click the “tweet this” link next to it. That’s it. Simple. Easy

Or, you can also write you own message and tweet to Ellen. Just be sure to include the #90DaysToEllen hashtag.

With your help, we CAN make #90DaysToEllen trend.


6 Pre-Written Tweets to Make #90DaysToEllen Trend

Last few hours of #90DaysToEllen campaign. Let’s help @bryankramer & @djwaldow land lunch with @TheEllenShow (tweet this)

Help #90DaysToEllen trend on Twitter! It’s the last day of the campaign: Share, tweet & cross fingers for @TheEllenShow to say YES to lunch! (tweet this)

Day 90 in #90DaysToEllen! Check out the last stand-in audition for @TheEllenShow and a new original song http://bit.ly/1dgqVjl (tweet this)

Let’s give it everything on Day 90 of #90DaysToEllen. We want to trend on Twitter. Help us make history & @TheEllenShow to say YES by 12AM (tweet this)

.@TheEllenShow! Say yes to lunch w/ @bryankramer & @djwaldow & get awesome material for your @Oscars hosting gig. #90DaysToEllen (tweet this)

If @TheEllenShow says yes (by midnight), we’ll raise a lot of $ for @FeedingAmerica! Join @IntlCulCenter in donating to #90DaysToEllen (tweet this)


As it turns out, we had some extra footage from the Ellen “stand-in” auditions a few days ago. Check out Henry!

YouTube Preview ImageCan’t see the video? Try watching on YouTube.


Just yesterday, the awesome folks at Aberdeen wrote, performed, and posted this song – Ellen, Where Are You?.

Pretty kick ass, right?

YouTube Preview ImageCan’t see the video? Try watching on YouTube.

Last day of the campaign. Help us trend on Twitter!!!!

Looking forward to lunch,
Bryan and DJ

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